Englischer Garten, Munich

YAY!  You’re here!  And probably wondering who I am.  Totally valid.  I would be curious too.  To begin with…

After graduating in 2013 from the University of Arizona, (the greatest school in all the land IMHO), I decided I wanted to work for the Mouse.  Yes, THE Mickey Mouse.

Previously thinking that my degree in Italian Language and Art History would land me in the fields of teaching or translation, that’s not really what I wanted to do.

Having done a semester of the College Program internship at Disney World in Orlando, FL in 2012, I fell in love with my time spent there.  The work was grueling, but the perks and friendships I made created an unforgettable moment in my life.  Returning to Tucson to finish school, I actually became “homesick” for the world of Disney.

So, three weeks after graduation, I packed up my life and drove from sunny Arizona to disgustingly humid, sunny Florida to start my new 8 month internship with Disney, hoping to get my foot in the door with a new career goal in mind:  wedding and event planning!

Fast forward those 8 months and things didn’t go as exactly planned.  The event planning world at Disney was fiercely competitive and now I wasn’t even sure I wanted Florida to be my permanent home.  I’m serious, no one has time for that kind of humidity!

I swear I have a real degree.

Talk about perfect timing, though.  I was soon offered an opportunity to work in the wedding field in Southern California’s Orange County.  Hello West Coast, best coast!!

This was it!

California was significantly closer to my AZ home, AND it had perfect weather 99% of the time, more Disney, and endless opportunities.

Peace Florida.

My best SoCal me.

But after about a year of part time work in wedding coordinating and full time nannying to pay the bills while I gained event experience, I was becoming burnt out and restless.  I lost interest in the event industry, and California wasn’t feeling like home either.  *Long, exaggerated sigh*

At this point I became super frustrated, most specifically with myself.  Here I was, two years out of college, going on three, hopping from one job to another.  My wheels were spinning.  Why couldn’t I, like my father would often ask, “find a nice, steady income career and settle down?”

Big time eye roll.

Annoying questions began popping into my brain, ya know like…

“What are you passionate about, Sarah??”

“What actually drives you, Sarah???”

Then two words came to mind:


Can you see the passion?!

“Alright.  What can you do with that?”

Chef?  I loathe cooking…entirely.

Be Samantha Brown from the Travel Channel?  Yeah, ok, sure, I’ll just go ahead and email her about that upcoming Samantha Brown assistant job.

The Sammy B.

But then I discovered it: the blogging world.

To be quite frank, I knew absolutely NOTHING about blogging.  I wasn’t even one of those people that “fun” blogged about their travels or what they were eating that night with their 6 cats just for their mom to read.  (For the record, I don’t have any cats.  Well, just the one).

After much research (like months of watching free webinars and taking almost every online class under the sun on blogging as a business), there followed the realization that I wanted to share these passions with the world.  wanted to be Andrew Zimmern and eat snake penii in China!!  wanted to be Samantha Brown and freeze my ass off at the Icehotel in Sweden!!

But how?  *Lightbulb*


Doughnuts are the antidepressant of food.

I had now found an outlet for my zeal for discovering new destinations and delights of the culinary kind.  Through blogging I could reach more people who might have the same passions as myself or I may be able to inspire others to slow down, make those memories, and experience a different sense of adventure through food.

As a typical, like oh, so typical Millennial, in 2016 I moved back in with the parents to our small hometown of Cottonwood, AZ to take some time to focus on what is now Where There’s Food.  As of now though, I’m based in Kansas City, Missouri working as a flight attendant travelling and eating full time.  I hope you’ll pull up your leather bound chair in your mahogany wood library, grab that glass of whiskey in your tweed coat and enjoy my collection of foodie adventures that will hopefully spark your wanderlust.  Or at least evoke a chuckle.

My “How To Oktoberfest”

And to wrap it all up, THIS is everything:

“It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from, what you do – food brings us together as one human family.  It transcends beliefs, borders, politics.  It is warmth, nourishment, and love.  Food is a reminder of our shared humanity.”  -Cassandra Nelson

Get it girl.